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Her Place has created this forum of expression that others may relate to, with hopes to bring women together to share their experiences, their talents, and their dreams ongoing with one another. Whether she be a mother, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, or an artist, she should be recognized and respected for who she is, a woman of invaluable worth.

This book is an introduction into relationships and sharing among women. There is an understanding that amongst our differences, there are similarities in our experiences which can bring us together to learn and empower one another.

Her World showcases the female mind, her creativity, her diversity, her resilience. This beautifully eclectic collaborative brings these experiences to life through print, combining the precious gifts found within the individuality of these ladies.We have created something for everyone, a writing of heart and soul, like a treasure box of life…

From the creators of Her Place, Any Region, we hope you enjoy this insight into the lives of these amazing women! Whether we are featuring a women’s book, a women’s photography, or a piece of her life, we are sharing just a glimpse of her very real world.

By her, about her, for her.

All of the contributors have donated their profits to support benevolent and charitable causes.

Why Read it?


Her World is a compilation of women’s works from all over the world. It will open your mind to fascinating poems, prose, journalism, thoughts, and art to name a few. This book is out of the box and appeals to a reader of every nature.

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