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Meet The Ladies

‘Her World’ brought to you by Her Place, Any Region, is a collaborative anthology from women around the world. These women come from all different backgrounds, cultures, and societies. Despite their diversities, they all share a common belief: sharing their talents to create unified peace and compassion, while encouraging and supporting one another throughout the world. Through this book, they each give a piece of themselves, sharing personal heartfelt experiences, their talents, and their beauty. The women participating all believe in core values, in acceptance and understanding, healing, and helping.

Julie Barrington

Contributing author Julie Barrington lives in Virginia Beach, VA. She enjoys spending her free time with her boyfriend and three children, Leo, Elsa, and Anastaysia. – Virginia Beach.

Celina Simmons

Celina Simmons currently studies at SMCC and is Managing Editor for ‘The Beacon.’ Celina will be studying Graphic Art at SCAD in Atlanta, GA. – Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Dana Vilandre

Dana Vilandre is the Founder of Her Place, Any Region , and author of ‘Gypsy Nomad Hippie Chick.’ Dana resides in Weston, Massachusetts- Middlesex County Massachusetts


Elena Nezhinsky

Elena Nezhinsky is a pioneer of a global awakening movement. She is a writer, mentor, and deep transformation coach in the area of spiritual awakening and integration. – Monterey County, California


Michelle Parnaby

Michelle Parnaby is a soul interpreter and energy worker residing in Perth, Western Australia. Her writings show the darkest and lightest parts of the soul as she transitions through the spiritual path to being human. – Bellevue, Western Australia

Shanta Paloma

Shanta Paloma is a critically acclaimed Indie singer-songwriter who, according to Boston’s Metronome Magazine, “rocks with the intensity of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake.” Shanta lives in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.


Christine Hex

Christine Hex (Bissell) resides in Buffalo, New York, with her children and cats. Christine’s passion is capturing the beauty of nature through her photography. –  Upstate, New York


Anna ‘Grace’ Hookings

Anna Hookings is the author of Waves of Grace, a book written in 2017 from compilations or stories and thoughts throughout her time in Australia. Beachport, South Australia


Nicole Geistwite Chase

Contributing author Nicole Geistwite Chase is a single mother residing in Camp Hill, PA. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and two dogs and sharing her thoughts and writings with her ever-growing network of friends. – Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Carolena de la Norte

Carolena de la Norte has traveled the world playing her flute. Carolena currently resides in Bali, engaging in a multi-cultural exchange of music, and writing her memoir. – Bali, Indonesia



Jazz Kaur is a singer/songwriter that has had her music played on and been interviewed on national radio and TV, including the BBC. – Berkshire, UK

Darlene De La Paz

Darlene De La Paz, an author of “Memoirs of an Unkept Maiden.” Darlene De La Paz is a creative marketing proprietor and founder of PAZable.com, therealelection.org, and mymusestory.com. -San Diego County, California


Lori Machie and Kennedy Coleman

Lori Machie and Kennedy Coleman collaborated on their contribution. They enjoy spending time with their dog, Mimi, and enjoying ocean views. – Palm Beach County, Florida

Mary Ann Donnarumma

Mary Ann Donnarumma lives in Upstate New York. Mary Ann spends her free time reading and learning. Her favorite thing to do is relax with her beloved cat, Lana. – Orange County, New York

Coreen Roseanne Covert

‘Project Earth Walkers’ founding member, Coreen Roseanne Covert, lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Coreen has an online business, ‘Coreen’s Crafts’. -Ontario, Canada


Kelcie Johnson

Kelcie Johnson, born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, currently resides in Arizona. Kelcie majored in human services and worked as an ABA behavioral technician for children with autism. – Phoenix, Arizona

Sheryl Lane

Sheryl Lane is mom to Aidan and Jake, photographer, Reiki Master, and seeker of truth. She lives in the Le Santa Cruz Mountains, California.


Lee Ann Medina

Lee Ann Medina lives in Wisconsin where she loves walks by the lake, reading, writing and playing Mahjong as well as studying the universe. – Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Mallory Bever

Mallory Bever, owner of ‘Mal’s Cleaning Gals’ currently drives for the Fitchburg school district. Mallory spends her spare time with her four children and her dog, Rogue. – Worcester County, Massachusetts


Barbara Schnurbush

Barbara Schnurbush is a published author of the book Striped Shirts and Flowered Pants, a children’s book about alzheimer disease. – Carroll County, New Hampshire

Barbara Schnurbush

Lori Lynn House

Lori Lynn House, age 45, is from Springfield, Illinois. A mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. She is an artist, writer, and dedicated activist. – Jackson County, Illinois

Anita Bacha

Anita Bacha is Mauritian by birth, and a naturalized British citizen currently resides in London with her husband. She is a published author of 5 books, including ‘Soul Poetry’. – London, UK

Anita Bacha’s blog

Rose Dilonez-Suriel

Rose Dilonez-Suriel is an Americanized Dominican, residing in New York City. She arrived in the US when she was 2. Rose loves America and plans to retire to the forests. – Bronx County, New York

Michelle Buxton

Michelle Buxton is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, professional counselor. Michelle resides in upstate NY with her husband, Brendan. – Buffalo, New York.

Derya El Oz-Roddy

Derya El Oz-Roddy is an Agricultural Hospitality Manager. Derya loves cooking, art, poetry, music, nature, traveling, and spending time with her daughter and husband. –  Santa Rosa County, Florida


Kayla Rameau

Kayla Rameau, born and raised in the Northeast US, is unyieldingly capturing creative, fluid, and multifaceted views of life through art. – Worcester County, Massachusetts


Effie Jarrah

Effie Jarrah resides in Victoria, Australia with her husband, Tony, Effie enjoys spending time with her husband and children and creating hand-poured soy candles. – Victoria, Australia

Daniele Sarkisian

Daniele Sarkisian, Licensed Massage Therapist at Relaxation Creation, is a single mother of three. Daniele enjoys art, country music, and the great outdoors! – Milford, Massachusetts


Lorelai Vilandre

Lorelai Vilandre, the youngest of the contributing authors to Her World., is the daughter of Mallory Bever, Lorelai is a talented writer and artist and has already self-published 3 books! – Worcester County, Massachusetts

Melinda Raitt

Mindy Raitt (Merrill) was born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, where she is now raising her two sons, Benjamin and Adam. – Hillsborough County, New Hampshire


Contributing author ‘Haley’ resides in New Hampshire with her husband, Bill, their dog, and three cats. In her free time, Haley enjoys writing and creating hand-crafted jewelry. – Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

Qi Chi

Qi Chi- New York, New York